Submitting Content

ThunderPunch is a content platform that invites users to submit content. Users could win prizes for submitting original content. Please read the submitting guidelines before submitting content:

  1. Don’t be a douche (the golden rule)
  2. Users can submit any kind of content but will only be considered for the prizes if they submit ORIGINAL CONTENT. Meaning if you take the video you can win – and if you copy it from YouTube you can’t. But go ahead and submit the YouTube video anyway if you want to.
  3. By submitting your content you give ThunderPunch and other brands within the VanAfrica group permission to post it at our discretion, and potentially use it for further purposes as well.
  4. Please note that we do not encourage nor do we invite you to create or submit content that could potentially be damaging or shaming to yourself or others.
  5. If you agree to those terms please submit content to